Session 9 - I'm Done


ASSR Session Files

Session 9 Title: I'm Done
Genre: Rock
Composers: Chris Sieblod
Recorded at: Raxxtrax, Chicago
Producer: Alan Parsons
Asst. Engineer: Noam Wallenberg
Musicians: Chris Siebold (vocals, guitar), Aaron McEvers (flute), BJ Cord (trumpet and flugelhorn), Bob Garrett (percussion), Jon Deitemyer (drums), Paul Mutzabaugh, (keys), Tim Fox (bass).
Instrumentation: Drums, percussion, bass, guitars (electric & acoustic), Hammond B3, flute, brass, synths, male lead vocal
# of Tracks on Multitrack: 26
File size: 2.3GB

What comes in this product:

  • The complete Session Multitrack (26 consolidated wave files). You will receive a link to a zipped folder containing the raw wave files, .ptx file and track sheet immediately after your payment has been authorized.
  • You can load the files into your choice of DAW. The .ptx file will also allow you to open up the session directly in ProTools; in order and with color coding.
  • The PDF Track Sheet contains session notes personally written by Alan Parsons.
  • You will also receive a link to video footage from the original recording session.
  • You will also receive a link to a folder of photos taken at the original recording session.

If you are purchasing all 10 Session Files on the custom USB drive, links to the supporting video and photo material will be sent to you within 24 hours by email.

Listen to the track:

White soul, slinky Chicago blues, labels and tags abound on this superb recording from the multi-talented Chris Siebold and his resident band of local peerless professionals Pyscles.

Some of the songs in the Session Files collections are almost composed in the studio. Others come with a full arrangement and I’m Done falls into the latter category—which is almost essential if you’re going to use a brass section, as parts invariably need to be thought about—preferably written of course— in advance.

The musicians on this session were also familiar with the track having played it live. And frankly that shows. The playing displays a level of relaxed proficiency that’s hard to produce without genuine familiarity with the material.

The instrumentation is fairly standard rock/blues with the addition of brass and some admirably reserved organ. It’s the groove that propels this track and armed with such this is a fantastic candidate for remixing. Kind of no matter you do it all sounds good. That’s because everything sits in its place and is played to perfection. It’s all arranging and playing skills.

There’s just a single lead vocal on this track. If you want to strut your harmony chops this would make an excellent choice on which to do so, either with a harmony on the lead vocal or with backing vocals. There’s bags of room to experiment.

This would also make an excellent track to isolate any of the key instrumental parts – certainly bass, main guitar, keys, and see if you can catch and re-create the vibe of the original player. We include a chord chart in the photo folder so you won’t even need to work out what the chords are.

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